Pharma Industry


Our specialized logistics services, order confirmation and consignment documentation meet all the needs of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry. Our customized Healthcare logistics solutions are designed to improve the current complex cross borders and in country distribution and address specific Pharma industry challenges/concerns. SVMR  promises to meet the exacting standards of your consumers, government regulators, clinics, hospitals, wholesalers and distributors.

We provide:

  • Shipment Visibility

    • Managing receipts/fulfillment
    • Shipment visibility via web-based track and trace
  • Inventory Management

    • Inventory replenishment alerts based on sales info (e.g. moving average of last 6 months sales)
  • Regulatory Compliance

    • Ensure compliance to regulatory guidelines
  • Business Intelligence

    • Capturing of business intelligence data to facilitate business analysis and planning


Healthy solutions for the healthcare industry

  • SVMR offers flexible transportation and logistics solutions for the Healthcare Industry. Our global networks and experienced services enable our customers to maintain their product integrity and security in the market. Companies in the healthcare sector are confronted with a constantly changing environment. With our innovative and integrated solutions, we can react flexibly to all requirements from pharmaceutical and biotech companies as well as medical device manufacturers