With the assurance to provide the best in line custom clearance service we make sure that all the mandatory documentation & regulation should be in place proficiently so that your cargo can get cleared in time. We believe custom management is as integral part for consistent fluidity of logistic chain. Our expert Custom Clearance services and own custom house agent license will free you from all the hassles of the complicated processes. Our experts will assist you at every stage of the process, be it pre or post consultancy service and of any industry.

We have three principles for Custom Clearance solution:
(1) Where this Act requires anything to be done by the owner, importer or exporter of any goods, it may be done on his behalf by his agent.
(2) Any such thing done by an agent of the owner, importer or exporter of any goods shall, unless the contrary is proved, be deemed to have been done with the knowledge and consent of such owner, importer or exporter, so that in any proceedings under this Act, the owner, importer or exporter of the goods shall also be liable as if the thing had been done by himself.

(3) When any person is expressly or impliedly authorised by the owner, importer or exporter of any goods to be his agent in respect of such goods for all or any of the purposes of this Act, such person shall, without prejudice to the liability of the owner, importer or exporter, be deemed to be the owner, importer or exporter of such goods for such purposes:
Provided that where any duty is not levied or is short-levied or erroneously refunded on account of any reason other than any wilful act, negligence or default of the agent, such duty shall not be recovered from the agent unless in the opinion of Assistant Commissioner of Customs the same cannot be recovered from the owner, importer or exporter.

Service List of Custom Clearance

  • National and International Sea and Air Freight operations with systematic Import and Brokerage systems
  • In-house experts for Brokerage services in accordance with the agreeable law procedures
  • Step –by – Step Project cargo logistics management
  • Step-by-step evaluated management reports
  • Customs bond underwriting
  • Own Customs House Agent License
  • Special project handling